Before Treatment

After treatment

Note: photos are original and have not been altered.

This attractive, young female patient was unhappy with the color and shape of her upper right central incisor. It was apparently placed several years ago to close a space between her upper right and left central incisors. As only one tooth was restored to close the space, the result was an unattractive tooth that appeared wider than the adjacent incisor, shorter than esthetically acceptable and showed lack of harmony in her smile. The patient and Dr. West mutually agreed to place esthetic ceramic crowns on her upper right and left central incisors to provide a pleasing, natural looking smile. We elected to leave the incisal (biting edge) of the teeth a little irregular to provide a natural rather than a “perfect” appearance. Our objectives were met by providing proper harmony with the adjacent teeth, maintaining closure of the original space between the central incisors and providing a beautiful, pleasing smile.

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