What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges, sometimes referred to as fixed bridges, are custom-made dental appliances used to permanently replace one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge requires some natural teeth to remain in your smile and is especially useful in preventing your teeth from turning or shifting out of place. Dr. Russell West, our practiced dentist, offers many types of dental bridges in Valencia, California, based on your individual needs.

What are dental bridges made of?

Dental bridges are traditionally made from two custom dental crowns and a replacement tooth known as a pontic. Together, the entire dental bridge fills the gap created by the missing teeth. The two dental crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap in order to anchor the pontic into place. When we have ensured your custom dental bridge will work perfectly for your smile, we will permanently cement it into place. For more information about dental bridges and how they can restore your beautiful smile, please call our dental office today to schedule an appointment with our talented dental team. We understand the impact losing a tooth can have, and we are excited to help you love your smile again!