What is a dental cleaning and exam?

Dental cleanings and dental exams are important preventive and diagnostic tools we utilize at our dental office to ensure your smile stays healthy and strong. Generally performed during your first visit to our office and during subsequent checkups, dental cleanings and exams allow us to use a number of measures to better understand your smile. Undertaken by one of our talented dental hygienists, under the direction of Dr. Russell West, dental cleanings in Valencia, California usually consist of:

  • A thorough cleaning and polishing of each tooth
  • Checking existing dental restorations for any needed repairs
  • Taking multiple digital X-rays
  • Examining each tooth for possible decay
  • Inspecting your gums for symptoms of periodontal disease
  • ¬†Performing an oral cancer screening
  • Reviewing your dental history and exploring your concerns

At our dental office, we want you to feel comfortable and able to express yourself. We know that many people have questions about their dental care and want to know more about certain treatments. We strive to foster a relaxed, open environment so you can feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your oral health with us. This is an important part of a dental cleaning and dental exam, and it is the first step to planning the most effective treatments. If it has been a while since you have come in to have your teeth cleaned, we welcome you to schedule your next visit with our friendly dentist today.