What are white fillings?

A filling is a common dental restoration used to treat tooth decay that has damaged your tooth enamel. Many materials have been used by dentists to make fillings. In the past, amalgam (metal) fillings were popular and the most common. Thanks to modern dental technology, we are able to offer a better solution. White fillings are made from plastic instead of metal for a healthier, stronger bond that is pleasing to the eye. The plastic used for white fillings in Valencia, California is composite resin, a mixture of basic plastic polymers. Composite resin provides a tight, insoluble bond with your original tooth structure and can be matched to the natural color of your tooth. We provide white fillings as part of our commitment to offer you the best treatment options possible.

How are white fillings done?

White fillings are soft and malleable when first applied to your tooth. Our expert dentist, Dr. Russell West, will place the putty-like composite resin into the empty spaces that are left over after he removes all signs of tooth decay. The composite resin is sculpted to fit the natural curves and grooves of your tooth’s surface and then hardened using a special light. A quick polish finishes the process. For more information about the benefits of white fillings, and to schedule your appointment, contact our dental office today.